Between medical bills, lost wages and the turmoil that often follows a car accident, taking action has never been more important.
Filing a claim and winning your case can completely relieve the financial burden you're experiencing right now. You personally don't have to fight the insurance companies.
We are here to get you maximum compensation for the injuries and pain you've experienced due to an auto or truck accident.

Our Process


Listen Your Case

 Contact us as soon as possible after your accident or after receiving initial emergency medical care. We need as much information as possible after your accident to limit the long-term injuries and financial distress to you and your loved ones. 


The Approach

Once we know the details of your case, we will ensure you receive any additional medical care necessary for a full recovery. Then we will begin an aggressive fight to obtain the most money for our client’s injuries.


Case Resolution

 Our goal is for the insurance company to pay 100% of our requested compensation for your medical treatment, both initial and ongoing. If this is something they are unwilling to do during mediation, we will not hesitate to ask a jury to award us the appropriate, requested compensation through trial.


Hi, I'm Paul Fukuda

For over 25 years, Paul Fukuda, a Lamar University alumni, has focused on helping the people of Orange County with their legal needs and defending their rights in court.  A lifelong resident of Orange county, Paul’s roots run deep within the community. 

Paul and his family, including wife, Theresa, and their three loving children are active members in their community and at the Bridgepoint Fellowship Church. 

When he’s not fighting for his clients in the court room, Paul uses his position as a board member on the Child Welfare Board to fight for local children in the foster care system. 

Paul employs a personal, informal approach with his clients, while maintaining a very professional courtroom demeanor. He’s most comfortable in trial, and keeps an active trial schedule. His record of consistent positive results is from showing no fear in the court room while presenting any case in front of a jury.


Lamar University
Thurgood Marshall School of Law


Frequently Asked Questions

There are no consultation fees, in fact the client pays nothing unless we win a settlement or recovery. Only then will attorney fees and costs be taken out of the money we receive.

Seek immediate medical attention as necessary! If you’re able, make sure the police are contacted and a report is made.  Document damage to all vehicles and all injuries to yourself at the time of injury AND through the recovery process.  DO NOT discuss your case with the insurance company before you call us!  We can help you avoid commonly made mistakes.

The value of your case depends on many factors.  Chiefly among those are the extent of injury and the amount of medical treatment necessary to bring you back to maximum medical recovery.  Some people are better with therapy, others require medical testing, invasive treatment and even surgery. No one’s injuries and no one’s case are the exact same.

Nothing until we get you money, then we take a percentage of the settlement or jury verdict.

We can make arrangements with healthcare providers who will provide you with the medical care you need, NOW!  These providers agree to be paid later out of the money we receive for you. They worry about care first and payment later.

Call us immediately!  After an accident, children should have medical testing to make sure they are receiving great medical care.  Children are not always great at communicating injury. So, it’s even more important that they receive the needed testing to ensure any long-term injuries are found, assessed and treated.

 Many people feel they have only bumps and bruises until many days, and sometimes weeks after an accident.  The human body protects itself from injury and will tighten up when it experiences trauma.  After other painful area’s feel better, many people have chronic pain that was initially overlooked because other injuries seemed worse.  The truth is revealed with time and we have seen clients with fractured spines that didn’t initially list back or neck pain because it seemed minor at the time.  Always call us, get checked out to verify your injuries.  Never say “I’m fine” because you may not know that you are not “fine”.


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It only takes a second for a serious accident to change your life forever. Don’t ignore the pain, suffering and financial stress that comes after an accident. Get the help you need.  Take the first step and call us now for a no pressure, no cost consultation.